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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Fall Events We Can't Wait to Attend

Giving up the studio was a very difficult decision to make. But as with all things there is a silver lining. Because we are no longer responsible for the daily operations of a dance studio we again have the freedom to travel on a regular basis. And though we will be missing our favorite event of the year, Swing Out New Hampshire — we love you Mark! — we are planning on a healthy schedule of Lindy Hop and Balboa this fall. Will we see you out dancing? We sure hope so. And please ask Tim to dance... he sometimes forgets why he's there because he's often so engrossed with watching everyone else dancing.

As of right now, this very instant, and thus subject to significant changes:

Atlanta 10th Anniversary (Atlanta)
WCLX 6 (Chicago)
KLX (Knoxville)
AVS (Atlanta)
EBC (Raleigh)
Southern Belle Swing Bash (Atlanta)

This is probably an incomplete list...

Looks like an error-free awesome fall is on the way!
Looks like an error-free awesome fall is on the way!
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