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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


A Sad Farewell

Last night, 4 years of loving labor drew to a quiet end. Sarah and I finished cleaning our things out of the studio, locked the front door for the final time and slid the key under the glass. The studio is now officially known as Vintage Rhythm Dance Studio.

I loved running the studio. I got to live a dream for 4 years. I was very sad to bid it adieu.

Many wonderful things happened there, lifelong friendships were kindled, romances blossomed, and of course we danced. As I've thought about those events and people a smile has constantly accompanied the sadness I've felt about leaving it behind.

We aren't done dancing, and have no plans to quit teaching. But it's not the same as having a tanglible representation, a home if you will, for your dream. That's what the studio meant to me, it was a home for dancing.

Not everything was perfect. There were rought months money wise, there were poor decisions made and even the occasional fight took place on that wood floor. But always we danced, and usually to some pretty good music too.

There were a few very special people in the life of Music City Motion as a studio entity: Petra Morkel who was instrumental to say the least in getting it started; Mindy Apple who goes back almost to the beginning as a student, and later as an instructor; Dave Azar who was always an amazing source of encouragement, ideas, and energy; Aaron and Elana Johnson who made the studio their home and surprised us endlessly with their generous help and support; and of course my [now] lovely wife Sarah (Kennedy) who constantly and consistently pulled things together, made sense of my dreams, and even turned a few fantasies into reality (i.e. the second (mc)2).

Thank you to each of you, you cannot know how blessed I've been to work with you, you literally helped make my dream come true.

So now its on to new adventures in Swing, Lindy Hop and Balboa. What is in store? I haven't the foggiest of ideas. I have ideas and plans, and even a new dream or two, but it won't be a studio and it's hard to believe it will be nearly as fun as the studio.

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