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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Tallahassee Here We Come

Great News! I just got off the phone with Rebecca Strickland confirming our workshop in Tallahassee Florida over Labor Day Weekend and getting some class ideas into the mix.

Sarah and I have been planning to head down and hang out with Michael and Rebecca for a while now and we finally just decided to do it Labor Day weekend. The last we saw those two was at this past Private Collection back in March.

Anyway, we'll be able to teach a handful of classes Saturday afternoon to help cover the cost of gas and the car rental (neither of drives a vehicle worthy of the trip from Nashville to FL and then back a couple days later). The workshop won't be big and will be cheap, but that's more than fine. The kids Rebecca and Michael work with are great and hungry for Lindy Hop and Charleston. Just the fun of working with such eager students is worth the time spent teaching, though the gas money sure will be nice.

This marks our first teaching since we passed the studio on (now Vintage Rhythm Dance Studio). We attempted to hold a preview of a weekend event idea we've been developing all summer, but that was usurped by a sudden trip to California I would up taken when my Nana's 2nd husband passed away. We hope to pick that preview up again soon. Until then though... we'll see you Florida.

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