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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Swing Dance USA

Back in March, at the Private Collection, I taught a class with Rebecca Stickland, an old friend. The class went great, and we had a ton of fun teaching and prepping for the class together so we vowed to teach again. That opportunity has shown come to the 'fore finally, the first weekend in October (6-8).

Swing Dance USA is a huge Lindy Hop and Balboa conference and competition headlined by Steve and Heid and an ALHC qualifier. Rebecca and I will join Marcie McCabe, Don Kruse, Tim Adams, Lee Davidson, Seth Dietzel, and Sayra Vasquez.

The only thing that could make the weekend better would be if Sarah could come down too, but she has dress rehearsals for Aida (she's singing with Nashville Opera chorus).

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