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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Update: Fall Travels

As with all plans I make, our fall travel schedule has been picked apart. Sarah and I have dropped a couple planned trips and I've found a workshop to add to the list. We won't be making it to WCLX, which is a sad developement as I'd really hoped to make it back finally. Neither will we be able to attend KLX this year.

But I will be teaching with Rebecca Strickland at Swing Dance USA Convention & Competition in Tampa. This is first time I'll make that event (this is the 2nd year they've hosted it) and the 2nd time teaching with Rebecca (joined forces for a couple of classes at this past years Private Collection). So while I do wish Sarah could make it to Tampa with me I am excited about the weekend and teaching with Rebecca.

So our Fall travel schedule, still subject to change, is as follows:

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