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Friday, October 06, 2006


Swing Dance USA Classes

Rebecca and I have been assigned to teach a styling class and a connection class. I'm really excited about what we've come with. My thoughts on stying are on my Swing Scene blog, I haven't yet digressed about connection, but I will shortly.

Normally I wouldn't offer to teach a styling class because I don't consider myself much of a stylist normally. But that is a very ironic thought, because as I examine style and the differences in style and how a personal style is developed I've learned and come to the conclusion that style is defined by foundational techniques. Technique is something I study and teach ad naseum, I am a technician. So essentially I am also a stylist.

But the purpose of this blog is not treatises on Lindy Hop or Balboa.

I am excited about this weekend. This is the first "big" weekend I've been able to teach at since the Private Collection and I love these kind of events. I'll be staying at the Ponce De Leon Hotel in St. Pete's.

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