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Friday, November 10, 2006


Christmas Cookie Classic

I love the Christmas Cookie Classic. I don't even remember how the idea first came to be, but 2003 was the first year. We danced in the food court of Bellevue Center Mall, where the studio was located. It was a join effort with the Nashville Swing Kids, though really more effort on our part than on theirs. The response and vibe was great. We had a huge turnout (for a non-JJ&S event that is), completely filled the back of my car with toys for Toys-For-Tots and gave out some big cookies.

The next year I was finishing school in Chicago and so I had to cancel it. But last year was nearly perfect (with the exception of an tech hiccup that was fixed easily enough). In the gorgeous fellowship room of Eastwood Christian Church the atmosphere couldn't have been better. The dancing was so much fun and the Jack and Jill's were awesome!

The bug to do this event has hit me again, but everything is different this year. I'm no longer at the Bellevue Mall, and don't have the connections to ECC. So the question of "where" is an issue. Additionally Music City Motion is not the only dancing gig in town and there are other events to juggle around, so "when" is also a big concern. And of course this is also coupled with the fact that there are only 6 weeks between now and Christmas, only 4 of which are really useable.

Anybody have any ideas?

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