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Friday, January 12, 2007


2007 Lindy Hop Goals

A new year's upon us and this year I've taken upon myself goal-setting for the first time. From everything I've ever heard about goal setting, part of the magic is writing them down and even disclosing them. So here are my Lindy Hop** intentions for 2007:
  1. A return of (mc)2 - Yup, I have every intention of hosting the 5th Music City Mini Camp after a year's hiatus.
  2. The 6th annual Private Collection - the date won't be late February/early March as in past years, but this spring the South East will again gather for a rompously fun weekend of classes from everyone we can fit into the schedule.
  3. Events I will again (or finally) attend: Down South Camp Meetin', The Great Southwest Lindyfest, ATLX, Camp Jitterbug, All Balboa Weekend, Swing Out New Hampshire, Gulf Regionals, AVS, Lindy Focus 6.
  4. Finally launch the "mini-shop" idea I've been trying to form over the last few months.
  5. Teach six times with Rebecca Strickland and at least twice with my wife (as an aspiring Opera singer her focus is not as intently on dancing as mine) at various events.
  6. Fully redesign
  7. DJ at least one regional event (not produced by myself).
So there we go... a little ambitious yes, but I think they are fully acheivable. So here's to a terrific (and busy if all this works out) 2007 for Music City Motion.

**yes, yes... I state Lindy Hop, but that is not exclusive of balboa**

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Private Lessons: come and get some for 2007

...we've heard that there's been some confusion as to whether Sarah and I are still teaching. We love teaching and indeed we are still doing private lessons and some workshops.

Now that things are settling down for us our evenings and weekends are opening up a bit more should you feel the urge to get a new perspective on your swingout or balboa.

You can catch us at, or at most Portland Brew dances.

See you on the floor


Lindy Focus

ROCKED! Hope you made it. More Later.


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